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Birthed out of a desire to experience God, experience and care for His creation, and extend love and grace to ALL people.  And to go outside.  A lot. 

Have you ever found yourself having to choose between spending a Sunday morning sitting in an artificially lit (sometimes windowless) church sanctuary or being out and about in nature, enjoying creation while hiking, climbing, paddling, or whatever your adventure of choice is?  Or maybe you’re interested in God and/or the Bible but just don’t feel comfortable with or fit in to the traditional church setting.  Us too, and that's where Sierra Adventure Church comes in to play.  Richard Rohr said, “Creation itself is the first incarnation of Christ, the primary and foundational “Bible” that revealed the path to God.”  We recognize the thumb print of God on nature and the lessons we can actually learn about Him while we’re out there.  From this vantage point we seek to reconcile being part of a faith community with going outside.


As we were trying to figure out what this would look like, we were presented with the opportunity to provide the non-denominational services during the summer of 2017 at the iconic Pinecrest amphitheater at Pinecrest Lake, CA.  Perfect!!!  Escaping the church walls to gather under glorious sunshine and a canopy of Ponderosa and Jeffrey pines with a backdrop of Pinecrest Lake to be together, study the Bible and set a worshipful tone for outdoor recreation and adventure!

Emerging from the strange times of the COVID era in 2021 we were blessed to be able to hold our Easter service at Sugar Pine Ridge in Sugar Pine, CA.  The property owner was enthusiastic about the whole thing and extended the invitation to hold our services there on a more permanent basis.  After prayerful consideration and seeing God opening new doors there we decided to make that our new summer home.  We will miss Pinecrest but God rarely lets the dust settle when He's on the move.  


This is truly a come as you are kind of community.  We understand that we’re all on our own circuitous and often messy journey of faith with our own personal timelines and challenges.  We won’t try to fix you or throw one size fits all “bumper sticker” solutions at you.  God is all at once mysterious and personal and we will leave room for that.  We’re not after your money.  We’re not trying to grow big or build membership.  We just want to follow the example of Jesus in how we love, serve and care for each other, enjoy the natural wonders of creation, and encourage people to “leave it better than you found it”. 

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